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Optical radio smoke detector designed to work with our range of radio and hybrid control panels.

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Complete kit

Complete i-on16 kit

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KEY-K01, KEY-KP01 and KEY-KPZ01

Three keypads with a choice of prox, non-prox or prox with zones.


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Type Code Downloads
Detectors 210EN
Radio 713r Downloads
Radio 714r Downloads
Radio 720REUR-00 Downloads
Radio 723 & 728 Downloads
Radio 734r Downloads
Radio 738r Downloads
Radio 739r Downloads
Radio 762r Downloads
Radio 768 & 769 Downloads
Radio 790r Downloads
Radio 770r Downloads
Detectors 340EN
Detectors CS-420 Downloads
Detectors CS-430 Downloads
Detectors CS-450 Downloads
Detectors CS-460 Downloads
Detectors CS-480 Downloads
Radio 701R Downloads
Radio 703r Downloads
Radio 706r Downloads
Radio 55K-43 Downloads
Radio MRNode
Radio RFX08/16 Downloads
Ancillaries 8600EUR-00
Ancillaries 9954EN
Ancillaries 9956
Ancillaries AX10
Ancillaries AX11
Access Control AX100
Access Control AX200 Downloads
Access Control AX50 Downloads
Access Control I-Box Downloads
Access Control IT-Lock Downloads
Communicators 660 Downloads
Communicators 8400, 9056 Downloads
Control Panels 65EN Downloads
Control Panels 85En Downloads
Control Panels 9448EUR-90 Downloads
Control Panels 95EN Downloads
Control Panels 9651UK-41 Downloads
Control Panels 9651EN-41, 9651EN-43 Downloads
Control Panels 9751UK Downloads
Control Panels 9751EN-41 and 9751EN-43 Downloads
Control Panels 9752EN Downloads
Control Panels 9851 Downloads
Control Panels 9853EN Downloads
Keypads 9941EN & 9943EN
Keypads 9951EN & 9953EN
Control Panels 9752UK Downloads
Control Panels 9448EUR-95 Downloads
Detectors 1081, 1082 & 1084 Datasheets Downloads
Control Panels i-on16, i-on16EUR Downloads
Radio 760ES Downloads
Radio 702R Downloads
Radio 722 & 727 Downloads
Radio 705r Downloads
Radio 710r Downloads
Radio 726r Downloads
Keypads 9427EUR-80
Control Panels i-on40, i-on40EUR Downloads
Radio i-fb01
Keypads i-kp01
Communicators i-sd01 Downloads
Radio i-rk01 Downloads
Ancillaries i-rc01
Communicators i-sd02 Downloads
Communicators i-dig02 Downloads
Communicators i-gsm02
Control Panels 7510r Downloads
Radio 771REUR-00 Downloads
Control Panels i-on160EX, i-on160EXEUR Downloads
Ancillaries EXP-W10
Ancillaries EXP-R10, EXP-R30
Communicators 08844EUR-00 Downloads
Communicators 08750EUR-00 Downloads
Ancillaries EXP-PSU
Control Panels i-on30EX, i-on30EXD, i-on30EXEUR, i-on30EXDEUR Downloads
Radio FOB-2W-4B
Control Panels i-on50EX, i-on50EXD, i-on50EXEUR, i-on50EXDEUR Downloads
Radio DET-RDCS Downloads
Control Panels 9651PD-41, 9651PD-43 Downloads
Ancillaries 09040UK-00
Keypads KEY-K01, KEY-KP01 and KEY-KPZ01
Access Control AX300
Control Panels i-on30EXL and i-on30EXDL Downloads
Control Panels i-on16KIT02
Ancillaries MISC-SHFPK5 Downloads
Access Control KEY-EP Downloads
Ancillaries EXP-WCC
Detectors DET-RSMOKE Downloads
Control Panels i-on16KIT00
Control Panels i-on16KIT01
Control Panels i-on16KIT03