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Optical radio smoke detector designed to work with our range of radio and hybrid control panels.

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Essentials kit

 Essentials i-on16 kit

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Audible kit

Audible i-on16 kit. 

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Menvier / SD-GSM


SD-GSM - GSM Speech Dialler

The SD-GSM is designed to connect to an intruder alarm control panel or similar. The SD-GSM requires a power input (from an alarm control panel or separate power supply) of between 12V and 28V, with a supply capability of 200mA or greater. The SD-GSM has a built-in GSM module that operates with the mobile telephone network. The unit is not locked to any mobile phone provider, and can accept normal SIM cards.

The SD-GSM has been developed in response to customer feedback and now includes the following benefits:

Easy installation

  • GSM module is built on to the main PCB.
  • Increased room for cable within the enclosure without increasing the size of the unit.
  • Easy installation of the SIM card and aerial.

Improved operation

  • Can be programmed to send test calls so that a "Pay as you go" SIM card can be used without the risk of deactivation by the provider after a period of inactivity.
  • Incoming SMS messages can be routed to another mobile number so that low credit notifications can be addressed.
  • The GSM module has been upgraded to a new model for improved network compatibility.

Our customer feedback indicates that in most cases a PSTN connection is not required. For those customers who still require the PSTN option, please see the SD3-UK.