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Water Detector

Fully supervised radio water detector

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Accessory Shelf

Reduce the amount of time spent mounting and routing cables to additional tamper proof boxes.


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i-on30EXL and i-on30EXDL

Larger end station for further space to mount communicators or expanders.

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Scantronic / IP Adaptors


IRIS is a new integrated IP system consisting of IP Alarm Diallers and ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) receivers which operate with the majority of Alarm panels.

The IRIS system from Cooper Security is a complete IP alarm transmission and monitoring system, consisting of a unique range of IP Diallers to interface to the Alarm Panel and communicate with the IRIS Receiver System at the ARC. communications routes

Key Features

  • Alarm signalling across IP networks
  • Constant Secure Polling between ARC and panel
  • High level of security - authentication and encryption
  • Dual path signalling using PSTN; ISDN; GSM or GPRS as secondary path
  • Notification of line failures to ARC
  • Remote configuration of alarm system across IP
  • Standard interface to ARC
  • Simple to install - no specialist IP knowledge required
  • Low cost constant polling of remote sites
  • Continuous monitoring of main and backup communications routes
  • Alternate routing across traditional paths as well as GPRS
  • Additional services such as SMS alerts