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 Essentials i-on16 kit

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Audible i-on16 kit. 

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Complete i-on16 kit

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Scantronic / IT-Lock


IT-Lock provides proximity card-based desktop security for PCs and laptops.

Simply removing the card from the small desktop reader blocks the PC and monitor instantly from unauthorised users. Unlike Windows passwords, the proximity card cannot be copied or duplicated. IT-Lock leaves your data secure and can co-exist with Windows security or other third party software applications. Hard disk data remain unchanged.


• Administrator passwords
• User accounts
• Wireless smart card technology
• Enrolment reader
• USB connection
• Virtual Keyboard Driver for 3rd party applications
• Privacy button

IT-Locks Kit Contents

• 1 desktop reader
• Velcro for site mounting
• 1 proximity card
• CD with drivers and card management software

Minimum PC Requirements

• PC with USB port
• 400 MHz processor
• 128MB RAM
• >100MB hard disk
• CD Rom
• Windows 95, 98SE, 2000, ME XP
• PS2 Keyboard and mouse
• 8MB video memory