Scantronic / 534R


The 534 is a wireless shock detector designed for use with Scantronic 500r+ and TS690r wire free alarm systems. 534 includes several power-saving features:

  • The LED flashes only when the cover is removed and the unit is in test mode.
  • Immediately after an alarm, the 534 reports only shocks greater in magnitude than that causing the alarm. The unit automatically resets five minutes after the last alarm.

In addition to a shock sensor the 534 also contains a reed switch which will respond to movement of an external magnet. You can use the reed switch in one of the following ways:

  • As a back tamper switch. The unit will transmit a tamper message if removed from the vicinity of the external magnet.
  • As a separate zone (“dual zone” mode). For example, you can use the reed switch to signal the opening of doors or windows. You can select the function of the reed switch by putting the Dual Zone jumper in the appropriate position.