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Communicating kit

Communicating i-on16 kit

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KEY-K01, KEY-KP01 and KEY-KPZ01

Three keypads with a choice of prox, non-prox or prox with zones.


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Optical radio smoke detector designed to work with our range of radio and hybrid control panels.

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Scantronic / Multiscan Alarm System


The Multiscan system comprises a base station and at least 1 handheld keypad called an RDU (Remote Display Unit). Up to 7 Remote Display Units can be connected to a system, one of which can be plugged directly to the base station. RDU's can alternatively be plugged into user outlets connected via a 4 wire link.

Two types of RDUs are available, the basic type and the'full function' type. The basic type allows the user to only accept calls and read any call messages which are displayed on the high resolution LCD display. The 'full function' unit allows the engineer to programme all the system parameters and allows an authorised user (Manager) to customise transmitter text, accept warning messages and set the system time and date.

There are several aerial types available for the system, dependant on the environment and transmitter types which are to be used. The base station has two RS232 serial outputs for connection to an optional printer/computer and pager system, with several data formats available via programmable options. A 2 amp power supply is fitted within the control panel, which also has sufficient space for two 6Ah 12V sealed lead acid batteries.

The Multiscan system is compatible with all the existing 4600 radio transmitters. Each of the transmitters can have two lines of text together with an individual transmitter code number for identification. All the text programmed is held in the system Non Volatile Data Base and can be modified locally or up/down loaded to/from a personal computer.