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Optical radio smoke detector designed to work with our range of radio and hybrid control panels.

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Complete kit

Complete i-on16 kit

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KEY-K01, KEY-KP01 and KEY-KPZ01

Three keypads with a choice of prox, non-prox or prox with zones.


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Scantronic / 500r+


The 500r+ is a programmable nine zone Radio Alarm System designed specifically for domestic and small business premises.
A basic system comprises a control unit with built in keypad, and associated radio detectors. The control unit houses the system electronics, power supply, battery, and 660 Speech Communicator (if fitted). A numeric keypad and two rows of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) allow the user and installer to operate the system. Up to six remote setting devices or keypads can also be used to set or unset the system, and act as a Personal Attack alarms.

Key Features

  • 9 zone wirefree alarm system.
  • Can protect up to 8 potentially vulnerable areas of a building. The ninth zone if required can be programmed to be operated via personal attack and remote setting devices.
  • Eliminates the need for complex wiring between detection devices, making the product exceptionally easy to install and program. Thus, saving installation time and causing minimum disruption to your decor.
  • Has 16 million different system codes to ensure your alarm does not suffer radio interference from adjacent properties.
  • Exceptionally easy to operate, this can be either from the on-board keypad on the 500r+ control panel, from any of the six 525r remote setting devices or from the 524r keypad.
  • You can set the whole premises or part of the premises depending upon your particular requirements.
  • Suitable for your home, office or shop and with the addition of a 660 speech communicator, your premises can be monitored by family, friends, neighbours or company members, providing enhanced security to your 5 Series alarm system, and ensuring you peace of mind.
  • Operates on 433MHz radio frequency.
  • Compliancy - BS 6799 "class II" abs BS 4737 (for Audible Systems), Radio approval DTI MPT 1340 and ETSI 300 220 (License exempt).