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40 zone hybrid alarm control unit

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DET-RDCS Combined Door Contact/Shock Sensor

Combined radio door contact and shock sensor with two modes of detection.

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40 zone expandable control unit with Menvier features.  PD6662:2010 Grade 2/3 compliant.

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Technical Bulletins:

Please find below our technical bulletins.

12_0002 768rEUR-50 Manuals date added 21.08.12

The 768rEUR-50 now ships with manuals in English, French and Dutch. Manuals are also available in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish from www.coopersecurity.co.uk on the 768rEUR-50 product page. (Note that you must be a member of Touchpoint to gain access to these manuals.)...

12_0001 SMS over PSTN date added 21.08.12

In April 2010 Cooper Security issued a bulletin (10/0006) advising that using SMS over PSTN was not a reliable signalling method. This was because, although the Cooper Security SMS communicators are able to connect to any SMS bureau, these SMS bureaux, provided by the mobile telephone operators are not always operational. See bulletin no. 10/0006 for more information. In addition, we have just received the following notification from O2....

11_0004 i-kp01 keypad and i-on160EX date added 21.08.12

We have received feedback from installers highlighting a distribution situation regarding the i-kp01 when supplied with i-on160EX.

11_0005 EXP-W10 Wired Expander date added 04.01.12

This bulletin applies to the EXP-W10, and the Installation Guide part number 12019972. The installation guide shows the FSL zone wiring as using three terminals for every two zones. This is incorrect. Each zone has its own dedicated pair or terminals

11_0003 i-on160EX software release date added 28.11.11

We are pleased to announce that all new i-on160EX panels will be programmed with version 3 software. This new software will support the new engineering keypad, EXP-PSU and the two-way keyfob

11_0002 9751/2 date added 28.11.11

We have noted a number of isolated incidents when our 09752EN-43 and 55K-43 have temporarily reported keypad and expander errors. We are, by association including the 09751EN